Yoga Nidra from Dee Holiday:

The Rotation of Consciousness is a small section of a larger meditation called Yoga Nidra. The full Yoga Nidra mediation takes around 30-40 minutes but I love using the Rotation of Consciousness at the end off a yoga class as an extra long and relaxing savasana lasting around 10 minutes. Start by laying on the floor in a comfortable spot like you would for savasana at the end of a yoga class. You can lay on a yoga mat, fold a thin blanket for underneath your head and maybe even cover yourself with a blanket making yourself super comfortable. Close your eyes and start to feel your body become very heavy and grounded underneath you. Let go of any muscles or tension and allow yourself to release.  As you rotate your awareness over the parts of your body being called out to you try to resist the urge to move or fidget and allow your body to enter into a state of deep relaxation. Try not to fall asleep but if you do that's ok :) enjoy!

(Link to Nidra is here